"Watt's Up" With Charging Up


"Let's embrace the technology," said Randall Stephenson at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree opening show. "Post photos and videos. I want the world to understand what is truly going on here," said the jamboree chairman, who is also CEO and chairman of AT&T, Inc.

Following this lead, Scouts and Venturers, are snapping images and snagging video on their smartphones and tablets. A few years ago, charging those devices at the Summit Bechtel Reserve would have been a problem. This place is prime West Virginia wilderness. No longer. Cell phone charging stations and large orange power panels with outlets have been installed across the jamboree site.

Nancy Reed, chief of staff of the Summit's safety service, reminds all participants of the rules for using these power panels:

  • Do not string extension cords into tents. Pooled water may create an electrocution hazard.
  • Nothing may be plugged into orange power panels when it is raining.
  • Do not plug multiple power strips into each other (no daisy chaining).
  • Bathhouse outlets are reserved for for electric razors, hairdryers and other related devices for personal grooming. Other devices such as cell phones are prohibited.
  • Do not plug into outlets in any dining facility, as this effects the power system. A power outage could interrupt food service.
  • Cell phones and other very low-power devices such as tablets or MP3 players should be charged on power strips to free up primary outlets for higher power devices.
  • Do not open gray high voltage circuit breaker doors.

Compliance with these rules will prevent injury and enable more participants to charge their devices.